Child: Translator, a project in collaboration with Rose van Zijl. In the world of young translators children are forced to contend with a great deal depending on where they translate, what they are translating and who for. Context matters, especially if they come against hostile attitudes. For children, translating for their parents can lead to them feeling an overdeveloped sense of responsibility and at times anxiety as they shoulder their parents’ burdens valiantly. But it also leads to very close and strong bonds between parents and kids since what they do for their parents is simply invaluable. The consequences of translating as a child are underestimated. ‘Translator: Child’ is a prototype of a platform to create awareness for all parties involved in child language brokering. Children who translate for their parents can submit their stories on this website – and read the stories of others. The emotions and feelings of the children are the center of attention on this platform, which is why this is emphasized in the design.